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To be Announced at DISCOP 2012 for Official Launch in 2013

Free-to-air DTT Channels from TV:ABSat will be
the optimum solution to the African Broadcasters'
digital content aggregation problems.

The DTT Operators' Challenge

With its bouquet of multiple free-to-air channels of rights-cleared programming it will transform the offering of most DTT Operators as they embrace the Digital Switch-over in advance of the Analogue Switch Off in 2015.

TV:ABSat are currently finalising detailed negotiations with DTT Operators on the ground in Africa and with International Channel Owners seeking greater penetration of this important viewership.

TV:ABSat is promoted and powered by African Broadcasting Specialists ABS Broadcast and Adsat International.

Rights-cleared free-to-air Content is Aggregated & Multiplexed into the TV:ABSat bouquet at ABS HQ in London and uplinked to Satellite.

TV:ABSat will be transmitted over sub-Saharan Africa on Ku Beam from a high powered Satellite.

DTT Operators' Headends will pick up TV:ABSat Channels in DVB –T2 standard ready for retransmission alongside their other content.

Customers' Homes with a
digital aerial and a simple
set-top box will be able
to receive TV:ABSat’s
free-to-air programming.